Our Online Magazine: De Spraakwater


Next to debating, Kalliope has it’s own online magazine, De Spraakwater. Every Wednesday and Sunday, one of our editors publishes a new article, in which he or she gives an opinion on anything interesting. The Publications Committee wants to get the discussion going. You can read our articles online and even write your own articles, whether you’re a member or not! The Publications Committee will publish any article they receive with 400-600 words, and will note the author. You can send your articles to publicacie@gdskalliope.nl and get your own discussions going.

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All articles, whether they have been written by the Board, written by a member, or written by an editor, are published on their own accord. This means GDS Kalliope is welcome to all opinions. It is our goal to offer a space for a public debate in a natural and responsible way. Our goals have been noted in the Commissiehandvest, which you can view at the Board.

Apart from publishing their articles online, the editorial board publishes a special edition each KEI-week, the introductory week for all students in Groningen. They also publish the yearly almanac, with information on everything that happened this year.

Editorial Board
Matthijs Bonvanie
Sjoerd Kalisvaart
Josse Muller
Anna Grigorjeva
Jonathan Barry
Yonna Hali

Requirements with regards to articles submitted by non-editors You can write a structured and well-informed piece on any subject of your liking, of about 400-600 words, and send it to pulicacie@gdskalliope.nl. The committee shall publish up to one article each week, other than by members of the editorial board. You can retract your submission until it is published. Because we want to keep the discussion fair, there are some strict requirements. You are responsible for your own publications. Any edits, made by the editorial board are purely based on the correct use of grammar and lay-out. Any defamatory articles will not be published. Articles, written under a false name, shall not be accepted.

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