Our committees are an invaluable factor in the functioning of our society. Without our active members, who support our society in one or more committees, GDS Kalliope couldn’t exist. That is why it is important for us that our members can become active in one of the following committees. This is something we would absolutely recommend you do! Every committee will have one board member among it’s members.

The AcCie is all about fun activities for our society! The committee tries to organize one activity each month. Activities we organized are, among others, parties, movie nights, game nights and dinners. We also try to do at least one excursion each year.

Mailadress: accie@gdskalliope.nl

Kei-committee (KeiCie)
The KeiCie promotes our society during the KEI-week. The committee will start later in the year, since the KEI-week is in August.

Mailadress: keicie@gdskalliope.nl

Publications-committee (PublicaCie)
The PublicaCie focuses on our Almanac and De Spraakwater. The Spraakwater is full-on digital, apart from a paper copy in the KEI-week. The articles are published online and promoted on our Facebook-page. The PublicaCie publishes two articles each week. Not all articles will be published online. If an author notes he would like the article to be for members only, they can be added to our News-letter.

For more information on De Spraakwater, click De Spraakwater.
Mailadress: publicacie@gdskalliope.nl

Tournament-committee (ToernooiCie)
The ToernooiCie organizes Kalliope’s very own national debating tournament; het Kalliope Debattoernooi (KDT). It is our own to keep the KDT a two-day tournament and we will work towards that. This committee is Dutch-only.

For more information on the KDT, click KDT.
Mailadress: kdt@gdskalliope.nl

Committee on High-School Debating (SchoolCie)
The SchoolCie maintains all contact with High Schools and tries to interest them in taking a training, provided by our society. We hope this committee will play a role in the first rounds of the Onderweg Naar Het Lagerhuis-competition in the northern parts of the Netherlands. The committee also organizes the NNSK, our own high-school debating championship. The committee is Dutch-only.

For more information on the NNSK, click NNSK.
Mailadress: scholierendebat@gdskalliope.nl

Training-committee & Trainerspool (TC)
The TC is the committee that upholds and improves the quality of the debates in GDS Kalliope. This is why the committee has the following tasks:

  • To plan and organize all internal masterclasses on Monday nights;
  • To educate and test new trainers;
  • To help experienced trainers to get better;
  • To organize masterclasses from both internal and external debating experts;
  • To maintain any knowledge by having a thorough administration, which consists, among others, of a list of exercises, a database on motions and formats for our best debating masterclasses;
  • To stimulate trainers to develop new masterclasses

The TC consists of the following members:

  1. Trainercoordinator, as well as chairperson: maintains internal communication.
  2. Archive Manager, as well as secretary: maintains our archive.
  3. Representative of the Board, as well as treasurer: maintains a smooth communication between the committee and the board
  4. Internal Affairs Officer: Ensures a smooth education track for new trainers
  5. External Affairs Officer: Organizes all external additional masterclasses.

For Members
Since a certain level of knowledge and experience in debating is a requirement, the application procedure for this committee is in May. You can apply for the eduction-track at any time in the year. If you are interested, you can contact the committee directly. The Internal Affairs Officer will get you up to date on the procedure.

Mailadress: TC@gdskalliope.nl.