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The chairman of the Kalliope Board 2018-2019 is Lars Bos. He ensures meetings in our society run smoothly as well as the Monday evenings. He also maintains contacts between Kalliope and other societies, as well as being in charge of the board. He is the representative of the board in the Tournament Committee en Activities Committee. He ensures the Groninger Debat Wedstrijd runs perfectly.

De secretary of the Kalliope Board 2018/2019 is Menso Rappoldt. He will take minutes of any meetings and General Members Assemblies, will properly react to any incoming communication and keeps our administration up to date. He is the representative of the board in the Training Committee.

The treasurer of the Kalliope Board 2018/2019 is Arno Kasper. He ensures all financial processes run smoothly. He is the representative of the board in the Promotion Committee.

External Relations Officer
Most of our promotional and external affairs are devided between the various boardmembers. In addition we have help from Anna Książczak who held this position last year.

Board of 2018/2019
From left to right: Menso Rappoldt, Lars Bos, Arno Kasper

Board of 2017/2018
Loïs Span, Linsey Keur, Anna Książczak, Joris Graff

Board of 2016/2017
From left to right: Sjoerd Kalisvaart, Loïs Span, Linsey Keur, Joris Graff

Board of 2015/2016
From left to right: Josse Muller, Wouter van Tongeren, Ivo Seinen

bestuur 13/14

Board of 2014/2015
From left to right: Bjorn Bleumink, Fenneke Korteweg, Annewil Homan

bestuur 13/14

Board of 2013/2014
From left to right: Erik Houwing, Theo Metz, Steyn Koudenburg, Josefien de Jong

bestuur 13/14

Board of 2012/2013
From left to right: Laura Kersten, Liesbeth Meertens, Liesbeth de Hooge, Matthijs Bonvanie

Board of 2011/2012
From left to right: Frederieke Dölle, Lori van der Schoor, Marlies Huijssoon, Joost van Leer

Board of 2010/2011
From left to right: Lia Verbaas, Jeroen Claassens, Joost Kooiman, Stijn de Jong

Board of 2009/2010
From left to right: Anneleen Hulshof, Jeroen Dokter, Henk van Zuilen, Anita Lichtendahl

Board of 2008/2009
From left to right: Sjoerdje Smedinga, Steffy Roos du Maine, Floor de Koning, Phyleen Mattaar

Board of 2007/2008 (founding board members)
From left to right.: Lilian Hoogenboom, Tobias Dekkers, Rick van der Kleij, Marene Elgershuizen