Would you like to be able to win every debate? Have you always wanted to learn how to give speeches like Barack Obama? Or do you feel you lack confidence when speaking in front of a group and would you like to improve on this? These are all excellent reasons to come by at student debating association Kalliope.

On February 4th, 11th and 18th there will be introductory evenings, especially for new members and others that are interested. On each of these evenings there will be a training especially for starting/beginning/novice debaters. No previous debating experience is required. Afterwards you will be able to bring this new knowledge into practice in a debate in English. Afterwards there’s the possibility to have a chat and a drink together at our favorite hangout: Chaplin’s Pub.

If you’re interested, feel free to come tonight or next Monday at 20:00 at the USVA (Munnekeholm 10). No registration is required. See you there!

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