Will you all please welcome the Supreme Chancellor of the United Kingdom……. Teresa May.

Sounds like something from a dystopian nightmare doesn’t it. Something that could never happen to a country like the United Kingdom so full of its ideals of justice, equality and “mature democracy”. A country world renowned for fair play. Yet that dystopian nightmare may soon be about to unfold before all of our eyes.

Teresa May has just called a snap election…..to legitimise her Government and it’s policies (Brexit included). Yes…folks its all in the name of democracy. Democracy… the most abused word in the English dictionary. The United Kingdom is in utter turmoil, deeply divided by the recent Brexit vote and reeling under a cloud of inept political opposition and political scandal.

In fact the perfect time for a “soft” coup d’etat. Just as a small man with a moustache cleverly used the political vulnerability of his country to launch his assault on the world by using the “democratic” process to take over the country and corrupt it to his values and his vision, so a small woman with a moustache is about to do the same in the United Kingdom. Whilst this time around we “may” not got to war with our neighbours, at least not militarily (although watch out Spain – See my last upbeat article), we will assuredly go to war on almost every other front. Got to make Britain Great Again, dontcha know!

The concept of a “mature democracy” is what most of us hide behind. We say to ourselves “we live in a mature democracy where the legislation protects the system from those trying to destroy it”. It is the same people who said this as the votes came in for Hitler 1933 before destroying the Weimer Republic. In recent times we only need to look to Turkey and how piece by piece one man (Erdogan) is taking apart one of the only true “secular” states in Europe. So we can see before us how “mature” democracies are not invincible, and are susceptible to failure and collapse when little opposition is given and one person is handed a mandate to change the political landscape.

British Labour party leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn poses for pictures with a tie that he was given by a charity worker as he arrives to address a public rally in Glasgow, Scotland, on August 14, 2015. Voting began Friday to elect the new leader of Britain's main opposition Labour party, with Jeremy Corbyn, a veteran socialist who would move the party significantly to the left, favourite to win. AFP PHOTO / LESLEY MARTIN (Photo credit should read LESLEY MARTIN/AFP/Getty Images)

The main opposition party in the United Kingdom, the Labour Party, is beset by civil war and the most inept leader it has ever known (Jeremy Corbyn for you Dutchies, google his name and look for someone who looks like disgraced geography teacher) . Sadly dominated by a “Cult of Personality” the Labour Party Membership has been flooded by “Corbynistas” as much in their own fantasy world as their deluded leader. Don’t get me wrong, on social issues he has some great ideas, but as for credibility to run a country goes…..forget it. The people of the United Kingdom may at times display moments of insanity and monumental stupidity, but even they are not stupid enough to make Corbyn a viable candidate for Prime Minister. In many ways the popularity of the conservative party is less to do with people believing in its politics and more to do with the lack of choice presented to the average citizen. Even friends of mine who have been lifetime labour voters have either not voted at all or have switched to the conservatives out of despair. No sadly the “main” opposition party is about as much use as a broken carrot in a sword fight. Corbyn will almost certainly lead the Labour Party on the long glorious march to oblivion. As for the Liberal Democrats, they are just coming off of their most conclusive hammering at the last General Election just two short years ago. Until of course “incompetent Dave” came along and thought it would be a jolly good wheeze to test the British Electorate over EU Membership…well done Dave you fucking genius! No sadly, although the Lib Dems are trying to rebuild they have no chance to make a difference in any upcoming election. In fact the strongest party in opposition at the moment is probably the SNP (Scottish National Party) at least they have a clear mandate and direction……and that direction is away from the rest of the United Kingdom and its caustic policies.

election_1612427cThe Conservatives have outsmarted all the others leaving the electorate with seemingly only one viable party for whom to vote in any General Election. But having only said that the people have given her a mandate for the country as a result of the Brexit vote, why has she now done yet another U-turn and decided that she needs a General Election to legitimise her Government. Is there more behind this than meets the eye ?

To be honest the genuine answer to that is I don’t know. However I found it very interesting to hear from a contact in Denmark who said that there were rumours (and I would stress, they are just rumours) that there was a gagging order/agreement with the UK press in place at present. An order to prevent the disclosure of the results of investigations into Conservative party electoral irregularities from the last General Election. That person informed me that the investigation had concluded that electoral procedure had been breeched by up to 24 Conservative MP’s who all faced de-selection and prosecution as a result. The loss of 24 Conservative MP’s would leave the government without a majority in Parliament. IT was therefore agreed that a snap General Election would be called to head off such an issue and bury the findings and subsequent hoo-hah in the confusion and total dominance of a newly elected Conservative Party. Who said that the spirit of our dear German friend was dead ? As I say, this is all just rumour and totally unsubstantiated….at least at this stage.

Many will argue that holding a general election is a sign that Teresa May is upholding the principles of a democratic society by asking the British public if this is the direction it really wants to go in. But I would argue that it is in fact the opposite. If it was truly democratic, then we would hold an election when the British public knows the terms and conditions of the Brexit negotiations and then we can decide for ourselves. Instead she asks for us to vote for her and give permission for her to do whatever she wants in the negotiations without having to answer to anyone, whether that is for those Pro-EU supporters or Anti-EU sceptics. She can in effect when voted back in to say throughout the Brexit negotiations “I can do this, the British public voted me to do it, we don’t need to ask them”.

_82055882_82055880This is a time that is deeply troubling for a society that has been polarised and divided. Whether or not people supported the UK leaving the EU, this goes beyond into something which threatens everyone who believes in democracy. The majority of people who voted to leave the EU voted believing in the democratic principle of following the will of the people, instead their voices are being locked out just the same as remain supporters, leaving only a few to tell the rest of the country what they want.

Soon there will be nothing to stop the Conservative Party and total domination of all legislation and control of Parliament. Say Goodbye to the Welfare State, The National Health Service, Tolerance and Justice. Welcome to a Greater Britain lead by one party, one state and one leader…

All Hail Supreme Chancellor May…….


Finally a poem written by Pam Ayres in honour of the snap election:

The shockwave passed, the dust is clearing,

Seven weeks electioneering,

Rhetoric, hot air and gas,

I’m on my way to Dignitas.