GDS Kalliope is the one and only student debating society in Groningen. We are keen debaters and enjoy public speaking. Ever since we were founded in 2007, we have grown massively. Currently, GDS Kalliope has about 120 members.

Every Monday evening from 8 p.m. till 10.30 p.m., GDS Kalliope hosts workshops in debating, presentation skills and public speaking. These workshops take place in the Cultureel Studentencentrum Usva, Munnekeholm 10 in Groningen. They usually consist of a short training by an experienced debater, followed by a practice debate where you can either debate yourself or be in the judging panel that decides who has won the debate. In these workshops, we discuss a multitude of subjects, varying from economy and politics to ethical question, and from debating techniques to eloquence. After the workshops, we always go to the Chaplin’s Pub. Everyone is always welcome to come and have a look at one of these Monday evenings!

We sometimes organise additional debating activities, such as workshops by the best debaters in the Netherlands! Next to debating, you’ll meet our enthusiastic member base in our other activities, such as our Christmas Dinner, movie nights, or pub quizzes!

Finally, a lot of our members regularly compete in both national and international tournaments. If you compete with us, you’re in for a fun and interesting ride!

As a society, we also understand the Dutch art of ‘gezelligheid’, making our members feel at home through accessible social meetings and events. Because of our weekly rounds of drinks in the pub, our social events, and our yearly introduction weekend, we are a vibrant and close-knit society. Because we are a relatively small society, everyone knows each other personally and so it’s easy to start a conversation during our social meetings. As an old saying within the society goes, members come for the debates but stay for the people. Combining the social life of a student society with the teaching of serious life skills is, and will remain, our main goal.

GDS Kalliope was founded by four Dutch students named
F.S. van der Kleij, M.J. Elgershuizen, L.M. Hoogenboom and T. Dekkers. On September 18th, 2007 Kalliope was born. They chose the name Kalliope as a reference to one of the nine Muses from Greek mythology. The logo is based upon said muse.

Come visit us!
If you are a student in Groningen and fancy debating, you can always come and visit us up to two times. No strings attached! You do not need any experience in either debating or public speaking – our society is meant exactly for people to improve themselves. If you come to like the society, you can join us as a member for a mere €25 a year!

If you have any questions or if you want additional information, contact us via

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Elke maandagavond debat avond en training in het USVA om 20:00 (Munnekeholm 10, 9711 JA Groningen)