GDS Kalliope has much experience in giving debating workshops to groups. In recent years, we have regularly provided workshops to companies, politicians, student associations, secondary schools, and students of the University of Groningen, among others. We have also been providing debating workshops for students of the Honours College of the University. All of our trainers have followed an internal training course in which they have been supervised by professional, competent trainers.

If you want to book a debating workshop as well, we will discuss its content together. The workshop’s content is different for each group, and we will try to match it with your preferences as much as possible. Out workshops vary from debating techniques to public speaking. You can also opt for a series of multiple workshops, so that the trainer can distribute the subject-matter over multiple sessions and teach the group a little more about debating each time. In this format, the subject-matter can be discussed in more detail.

If you want more information, for instance about the costs of a workshop, or if you want to make concrete arrangements for booking a training, you can send an email to or phone to 0630073309. For groups of more than 25 persons, we advise you to book two trainers. If you wish to book one or more trainers, we ask you to let us know at least three weeks in advance.

We have previously given workshops to, amongst others:




Honours college JDWessel Gansefort