Our committees are an invaluable factor in the functioning of our society. Without our active members, who support our society in one or more committees, GDS Kalliope couldn’t exist. That is why it is important for us that our members can become active in one of the following committees. This is something we would absolutely recommend you do! Every committee will have one board member among it’s members.

Activities and tournaments (ACTTO)
The ACCTO is all about fun activities for our society and organizes Kalliope’s very own national debating tournament. The Kalliope Debattoernooi (KDT). It is our own to keep the KDT a two-day tournament and we will work towards that. The committee also tries to organize one activity each month. Activities we organized are, among others, parties, movie nights, game nights and dinners.

Mailadress: actto@gdskalliope.nl 

For more information on the KDT, click KDT.

Promotion (PROMO)
This committee takes care of the promotion of Kalliope. This includes the promo for the activities and socials during the year for our members, but also the promotion towards new members. You will keep the Instagram and Facebook alive with reports and pictures of Kalliope and keep members up to date on what’s going on.

Mailadress: Promotiecommissie@gdskalliope.nl

Training-committee & Trainerspool (TC)

The TC upholds and improves the quality of the debated in G.D.S. Kalliope. They give trainings and workshops for novices and pros.

For Members
If you are interested, you can contact the board directly. The board secretary will get you up to date on the procedure.

Mailadress: TC@gdskalliope.nl