Time is flying and I will be flying soon as well. I am writing this post somewhere in the night from 12 – 13 August. It really is time to go to bed, but nerves and excitement about what is gonna come in the upcoming week are keeping me awake.

In the past couple of weeks, a lot of things have changed, making the nerves even worse. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Jon unfortunately isn’t able to make it to Tallinn. This means that I had to look for a new team partner. Gladly, that issue was soon resolved and I will now be debating with Huyen from Delft. This, however, does mean, for everyone looking at the tab afterwards, there won’t be a Groningen team this year. Hopefully, we can make up for that next year.

With changing the team, a lot of other things changed as well. Huyen and I so far did one debate together at a prep-day from EDS, which was before we knew we are going to EUDC together.  The speaking orders are going to differ from what I have prepped, and strengths and weaknesses in a team are different as well. Most importantly, however, is that the team dynamics are also going to be different. We still have a lot to discuss during arrival day this Monday, but I am really happy with how things turned out and I am really confident we are going to have a great week. Although Jon will be missed.

That the tournament is rapidly approaching is also noticeable in the group chat with the EUDC teams and judges from Bonaparte. The chat has been exploding for the last two days. So many different things are being discussed. We talk about flights, arrival times and things we need to bring to Estonia. Moreover we also have discussions about the situation in Venezuela, the results in different last minute preparation competitions and the dresses we are going to wear to the black tie evening.

Fortunately, the overall mood is mainly very excited. By now, it is a little more than 12 hours before my flight takes off, which means I really need to get some sleep. Follow the Dutch Debating Community Facebookpage if you want to stay up to date with the results from the different Dutch teams. I will be back with an update as soon as I am back in the Netherlands next week.

Written by Linsey Keur