While most of you are enjoying the holiday and volatile weather some people are still very busy with debating. In exactly one month from today (14-7) the European University Debating Championships (EUDC) in Tallinn will start. GDS Kalliope will be represented by one team this year. Groningen A will consist of Jon Barry and myself, Linsey Keur. Since a lot of our members have not yet gone to an (international) debate tournament we like to keep track of what is going in Estonia and how we are preparing for the competition.

For the both of us it will be a new experience. Jon will go to his first ever competition and for me, it will be my first tournament outside the Netherlands. Reason enough to be pretty nervous. For me, every now and then it hits me that it is actually going to happen and that I will fly to Estonia to debate against people from all over Europe. Although that does not (yet) result in panic attacks, the nerves slowly increase for both Jon and me.

Fortunately, a lot of people are willing to help with the preparation for the competition. So much actually that we did not yet have had a chance to use the help people from Kalliope offered us. On the internet, there are plenty of debates to watch and also a lot of good and useful workshops. That is not everything, other societies organise practice nights we are invited to. We have been to Bonaparte a couple of times and this Monday EDS organises a practice day including workshops about the history of Estonia. Leiden even planned a weekend to practice with everyone from the Dutch delegation that is available. So there is no lack of possibilities to become better.

Of course, it is not all about the debating. We will spend a week in Estonia and if we do not make it to the out rounds we will only debate for three days. Each day will have three rounds of debating, a lot of waiting time and a social every evening to relax and party a bit. This year there is big Dutch delegation going to EUDC so there will be plenty of fun people to party with and it is also going to be fun meeting new people. We are really looking forward to visiting Estonia and see a new country, but the nerves might stay till the competition is over. We will keep you guys posted about what is going on in the upcoming month.

Written by Linsey Keur