It is no secret that we build our world view on our experiences and the things we hear. Most of the people determine the reality based on the things we hear from the TV news, as well as newspapers. The news we hear mostly has different angles. These angles shape the perception of the situation and our world as a result. The news can be independent, but, unfortunately, it is not. I often find it difficult to find an objective picture. Let me give you an example.

If you are in Europe, most likely you would think that Trump is insane. The media is full of threatening stories about Trump denying the science and not willing to work with international organizations, cutting its budget there. The voters for Trump see it differently. They are tired of injustice and the fact that Al Gores’ ‘science’ is subjects to controversies ( They want to see America independent. In Europe, Trump is seen as a loser, taken into account his bankruptcies. In the US, bankruptcies are more common than in Europe and perception about them is also different. As an owner of a company, you are seen as an achiever, which could not be stopped by obstacles. So, depending on the ‘angle’ that you are being exposed to (culture, news, your own experiences), you will see certain things about Trump in a positive or negative light.

It is wise to ask yourself why, while watching politically sensitive news, you are presented things in a certain way. In many countries it has to do with interests of certain elite circles, money and influence. So, who is profiting from portraying Trump in a bad light? The ones who need no change in a current system and have found their warm place under the sun. The EU, which is meant to establish a genuinely good cooperation, needs changes. Just take civil servants with their 8,000 euros salary and extended tax perks. Or a Commissioner – 20,666 euros per month (! If I had such a job, I would most likely be against some guy in the US trying to bring some changes in the US… Why in the US? Because even changes there would not be beneficial to the status quo.

A very good example is the proposed tax reform. These tax reform aims at lowering company tax, which is expected to be 10%. This is a big difference to what companies are supposed to be paying in the US, which is 35%. ‘Supposed’, because many of the multinational companies don’t do this. But establish a concern somewhere in a tax-paradise country, such as the Netherlands. However, if the US companies would be punished for establishing a concern abroad and at the same time would be afforded a lower interest rate, nothing would stop them from leaving the Netherlands and forgetting about Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich. This would mean much for the EU and the Netherlands.

According to the VNOCW, 2,700 American companies would leave this beautiful flat country. This would cost 200,000 Dutch people their jobs ( Which is a considerable number. This is sad news for the Netherlands, but opens new opportunities to the hard-working American people. It could also open new opportunities for England, taking into consideration that they are leaving the EU and not bound by ‘rules of the loyalty’ any longer. Time to lower taxes, England? I hope they would score a good deal on that.

As you can see, Trump could make good changes to the system. American system. I believe he will. But what I know for sure, I will always be skeptical to the news and political ‘stories’ around me. The recent one about the young, talented outsider, whose political views are liberal and independent. He is a political ‘wonderboy’, youngest leader since Napoleon – Macron. His real story is different. He is and has always been at the heart of the elite. He worked as a banker for Rothschilds. He was groomed to be a political leader. All his life he followed Hollande and has never been liberal, but centrist. But when the right time came, he turned to be liberal to suit the public opinion. I do not believe that he could so quickly change his political views! If so, he has does not have them.

Manipulating opinions has been seen in many areas. Not only regarding political candidates. Also policies, which are carried out. Take a refugee crisis, for instance. The cause of a problem has not even been touched – the war. Stop bombing, to begin with! Apparently, this is too hard, while military industry wants its profit. So, government plays on people’s emotions instead. Just today I have seen a poster at the University stating that no one wants to be a refugee. Yes, no one, but the governments do not do enough to tackle the problem itself. If you are against of letting more immigrants in, you are heartless beast. Not much is said about the abuse of the system by refugees themselves. For instance, if you are a refugee, you would be thankful to be in place without a war. But what about those that travel to another EU countries in order to get higher social benefits there ( Let there be a dialogue, finding a best solution to an existing problem, without influencing them.

To conclude, none of the stories told officially in the news is meant to be in vain and forgotten. If used wisely, it will shape a world and the way you are now. Even a beautiful story about Trump, an outsider who will upend the “establishment.” Only the future will show if this story is true or not…

 Written by Anna Grigorjeva 

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