Night city view of Amsterdam, the Netherlands with Amstel river

The Netherlands is an amazing country. It is small, but there is much to see. Often, the amazing things are just around the corner. As soon as you are done with your exams, enjoy the free time you have and go somewhere. Here is the small list of things I have enjoyed in the Netherlands. I would have never thought that they were so beautiful, once I came there myself. Going out of your comfort zone, delivers amazing results. You meet interesting people and you see new things. At the end, all these experiences shape who you are. You also shape the world and leave your mark in the places you have been to. This is probably the meaning of our life…



It has already been my tenth time that I am visiting Schier. People, who have been here, will understand me. The nature and the tranquility, which is present overall, has been attractive for many. If you are staying in the Netherlands for a short time, I would recommend you to drop by the island. (If you have not done so with a Kalliope camp in the autumn). It is easy to reach from Groningen, just take a bus and a boat, and you will enjoy the beauty of the nature there, especially the Wadden Sea, which is recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO. The same goes for a beautiful island of Ameland. In the summer, you can also visit various festivals there, with many sport activities and music.



Breda is a very cozy city in the Netherlands, which lies close to the Belgian border. Its name derives from the old Dutch, brede Aa, which stands for broad Aa. Aa is a river. In the city of Breda Aa and Mark rivers turned into one large and broad Aa. This city is full of historical places, in harmony with contemporairy ones. Must-see!



Dordrecht is also called ‘Venice of the North’, because it shares many similarities with Venice. It is also situated on the island and is surrounded by rivers. It has unique picturesque views. Moreover, it is super fun to go to Rotterdam and Natural Park De Biesbosch… with a waterbus! Just check in with your OV.



The Hague’s innercity is amazing, but for those who is looking for a beach and a sun, the Hague is too city-like. You would most likely think about Scheveningen then, with its surfers and cosy restaurants. However, Scheveningen is too touristic for me. For instance, when it is a beautiful weather, it is packed with cars. Beach is also packed. The much better alternative is Kijkduin. There is more space, amazing dune park and a bunch of good restaurants . You can even play volleyball!

Den Bosch

oud hollandse spelen den bosch

 Situated in the south of the Netherlands, you can notice, looking at the churches, for instance, that this city has much Limburg influence. Words cannot describe my wonderful stay there. Den Bosch has something to offer for everyone!

P.S. Dear friends, take advantage of your free OV, if you are Dutch! If not, use a group ticket or go with a reduction if you travel with a Dutch student. We are young and free from obligations (family I mean, not your study 🙂 ). Travel and never be afraid to discover!

Written by Anna Grigorjeva.

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