Are you an international student in Groningen interested in debating? Then we have good news for you!

From this month onwards until at least the beginning of 2018, all of our weekly workshops and debates will be accessible to international students. If you want to try out debating, you no longer have to figure out which weeks are in English and which are in Dutch: you can join us on any Monday evening you like. Every Monday at 8 PM in the Usva (TEC 1), we first offer a workshop given by one of our experienced debaters. Then we organise a debate in which you can either practice your skills by debating yourself, or be part of the jury panel deciding the winner of the debate. These workshops and debates are open to debaters on any level, so whether you have debated before or just want to see what it is like, you are always welcome to join us! Afterwards, we go for a round of drinks in the Chaplin’s Pub, so that you can get to know the society’s members. You can always come along one or two times without being a member to find out what our society is like.

So if you are curious about what we do, there is no reason not to come and take a look at one of our Monday evenings! For more details concerning the upcoming workshops, you can check our Facebook page:

Dutch members, do not fret!
This does not mean we will no longer offer Dutch debates! We will always organize at least one debate in Dutch, if there are enough members willing!

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